Thursday, April 11, 2013

Healthy. Happy. Faithful

Sunset in the place I work 

It's been age since my last post. Guess my life is too busy to write a post? nope!. Just couldn't find a mood to do that. I think I need to meet a mood-therapist and discuss my qualification further. lol. Life's good, most of things runs as expected, sometimes more than I expected. Feels excitement in the work-zone, there are new people, new friends, new challenge, and new opportunity (I wish!). My company seems to open so many vacancies nowadays, guess not too much if I wish to be a part of it in near-future.

I have met several persons from various countries, some leaving a good impression and words to remember. Some just oh-people-I've-met impression. I agree with one of them said about "Always being positive and keep open minded", these words is just a word and normal one. But I always keep that in mind before judging people or put some negativity. 

Some made me realize that my country is not the only one (in bad things lol). Most of countries has corruption right? that I didn't know before. I thought it's only my country here. But the different is the other rich/developing country, they do legal robbery as they called it. And the corruption part is mostly in high level government politician or such, same here. But here I think "start from the small fish to the big fish". Start from the parking lot to the black tie. Yeah, some people want make things easy because the have money right? so they just pay for whatever they want in dispensation. The receiver surely be happy for additional income right? so I don't know how it will ends. Let the related party think about it. Why am I even talk about it, boring. As boring as when people start to compare the religion in fact that they don't believe any of it. 

One friend of mine said that they will follow a religion who will give them a acceptable reason how this or that exist. It doesn't work that way my friend. It's like questioning why the sun and earth even exist. Oh, still.. boring.

So now I love this country. Also I love my life my big families, my job, my present, my future, everything I have. I have no reason not to and keep thanking what we have will help. 

I heard once on TV that what we say each day, the universe will give us eventually. So, for me no more moaning status on social media, no more sad stuff things, only a good thing. Because I want a good thing everyday. Yeaay!!!

My husband always said that we need to prepare for the worst. I can NOT agree with that. For me that means that we expect the worst right? Nope. I prefer to "we need to expect for the best", you know logically if you expect the best, you still can second best, but if you expect the worst? you will get second worst or third right? So better expect a good one. Ah, that's why he has me right? to make our life balance. 

Back to the job, what I don't like most is the silence. I call the silence when I have not much things to do, no excitement. But when you have a lot of things to do, there are challenges you need to control, things you need to finish, and when you're successfully doing that, you can feel it, the self satisfaction, the excitement, fascination. 

Anyway my son won another competition in elementary schools contest (about 15 schools). This is the second time since he start his very fist school last July 2012. So proud of him. Yeayness!

See you in the next babbling human!!!
Have a great day :)

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