Saturday, November 17, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy Today

Inspired by my favorite blogger Diana Rikasari, I thought that it's a good idea to write little things that make us happy everyday. Just to thankful for every single things in our life. I will do so, she noting it on a book but since I never able to bring notebook anywhere, so I will just write down on my phone note before re-write it here.

As a mom, being with my children is the most happiest thing for me (sometimes, haha) yes, but I do need times for my self as well. But still, hand-fed them and saw them messing the house has always amusing me and it makes me happy. Yes, of course at the end I'm the one who tidy up the house again and again.

Funny and happy thing about kids are normally updated on my Facebook and Twitter, so I will just put here what are happening to me during the whole day that makes me happy :) (apart from the kids).

Captured last week, I love wearing glasses, it helps me hide the black circle below my eyes

Today's things that make me happy:
  1. I watched Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 6 and so happy that finally Elena admit her feelings for Damon (yeah, drama)
  2. I finally have a mood to post on this personal blog...
  3. I gave food to cat (since I don't like cat or any other pets)
  4. It was raining today and the clement weather always makes me happy 
I think that's all today. I think today is a posting marathon haha 3 post in a row. Who cares? I rule this blog haha... Thanks for reading anyway... :) 

See you in the next post and wish you have an exciting and happy weekend...

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