Thursday, November 29, 2012

Romance Coloring Your Days

Have you watch the Breaking Dawn Part 2? It was rumored that the endings on the film would be different from the novel but yeah, in fact the ending is so so so similar with the book.
The movie is just the visualization of the novel itself, that's it. But I still watched it though. At least I have a good quality time with my loved one. You know, like "Romance coloring your day", so it's necessary to have time together with him *wink*.

Things That Make Me Happy This Week :
  1. Children are cuter everyday, funnier, smarter, cleverer... 
  2. Watched Breaking Dawn Part 2
  3. Watched Sherlock Season 2 (UK version)
  4. Working whole week
  5. My Hubby was agreed to do task I gave him start yesterday... He helped me doing some house stuff at home yeaaay!!! Love u <3 font="font">
  6. Put on weight about 2 Kg (I need one more Kg)
  7. My son won an Adzan contest (2nd winner), he's the youngest contestant... Proud of him.. I'm still happy even it happened last week
About a month to my Birthday, will start to make wishlist from now... Catch you later :)

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