Friday, November 30, 2012

Good Things are Happening Today!

When I searched 'happy' on Google, the result is all about :) icon, this is my favorite from here 

Today is a normal typical Friday: warm morning, hot day and surprisingly mist afternoon. Yes, after a hot sunny day, it's now clement as rains drop to this earth. 

I still love listening to Taylor Swift's "Enchanted" while my first son start singing "we are young" from Fun. And well, my second sun which is 2 years young is now starting to sing "Eaaa" by local boy band Cowboy Junior. They're literally boys, little boys. He sang it with her learn-to-talk style. Cute thing.

"What makes me happy" list now:

  1. I accompanied my friend went to theater watching... yes, Breaking Dawn again. But still love it. My friend even slept there in boring-ness. But I kept enjoying it even sleepy too. We both tired actually.
  2. My hubby helped me again yesterday on doing house stuff. Yeaayy!
  3. Prepared my boy to school is always made me happy, even if I was in rush rush rush to go to work.
  4. Today we have lunch together. Me, Debbie, Vera and Hubby. Friday has long lunch time break so we went to nearer food court to have some lunch and continue with coffee. We need to do it every Friday, yes girls?. Apparently another friends could not join us, but we have a good time though. 
  5. I randomly open LinkedIn and found my old friend Ocha, added her to Skype and have a little chat (well, it was quit long actually), happy for her and her successful. Wish all the best for her.  
Always expecting a good day everyday and always have happy things to face each day. What is your best moment today?

CUS (Catch You Soon) LOL,

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