Thursday, July 12, 2012

Woman Love Surprises

There's nothing easy in relationship. The bond between two person or more is different in both side's way of thinking. Twins could share allergic not characteristic. Couple could share love but not the feeling.

Every individual has their own unique thinking (if you're not agree we call it 'selfish thinking'). Some people sometimes so naive that they're expecting their partner/spouse to understand what are in their hearts. The fact that only their selves and God could know what are in their brain. Even Angels (if you believe in Angel like me), as you know they don't know what are you thinking about.

Simple sample when a woman wants her spouse to decide something for her like birthday gift or other simple thing, what they probably need is a simple gift from person they loved, whatever it's, she wants what he thinks she wants. How confusing! but it's true. Sometimes woman just want to leave that simple thing for him to decide, not to ask, but guess.

This could be difficult because sometimes a man want to make his woman happy and give exactly what she want. This simple thing could make things pretty difficult. So guys, decide! Either if you're woman tell him what you want. Or if you're a man, please just give her what she need because sometimes woman has no idea what she wants.

For me personally, I'd prefer a surprise result. Sometimes disappointing but I'd take a risk. (It's better than if he ask me 'what do you want on your birthday?').

So, what about you?

1 comment:

when milk meet tea said...

woman love surprise bener banget kayanya apalagi kalau di kasi kapal jet atau pulau pribadi ya ga?he,,,,he,,,,he
salam kenal ya

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