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Work Done Report

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Hi there, been a while. Been busy working for new project last month and now back home again for a week? (I hope). Actually for me at home is busier than at work. But what I meant about being busy is that I have a part-time job now, yeaaayy. A job that allow me work from home and still can watch the kids. Was not easy to pass the exams though, as I need to did several procedure which procedure itself was confused me. But I am glad I passed the exams. 

I know, everyone wish to be an entrepreneur, you know it would be good to have your own business. I wish to have one someday. But I could not focus on that now as I still have small kids. And I have been tried several MLM as well which I failed as I kind of not lucky enough on that I guess. I know about the jargon "If they can, so can I", but apparently things are not working for some people, including me. And still same reason, unfocused. 

This had been my wish-list for so long to have another job without bothering my main job (which also part-time based on Project), but at least this time I have 1 year contract that not bond me (Both site could terminate the contract) so I don't have to depend on my main job anymore. Everyone hates to be dependent, so am I. 

Speaking of, I have been work in my current company (which I called 'main job') for almost 3 years, yes not whole year anyway as for year sometimes I work for 3 or 9 months depend on the project. So I still need 2 years here as 5 years is the max. appropriate time for works in a Company (for me). Not that I wish to end it soon but I need to have a career improvement, once I stuck, I will walk. But I wish to be permanent employee here in this company this year ($always so tempting, yes?) 

I worked for the first time in a local building contractor company after I graduated from high school and need money to continue my study in college. Yes, I paid my own college. It had been though but I through it. My first pay was IDR 500K, but it was useful that time. And during a year increase to IDR 600K. I totally stuck as I couldn't use internet as my ex. Small company didn’t have it, I could not practise my English which I attempt to always practice it in my High School by attending some extra lesson for English or translating my favorite song, listening to English-base radio and watching English-base Tv. 

Luckily, I got a chance to move to Singaporean company which the boss was Singaporean so that I could practice my English. I don’t know since when I have been obsessed with English. You know what my mom had said about my obsession? She said I was a dreamer; too high dream could let me fall. So encouraging, yes? I promise I never said such thing to my children. Yes I was a dreamer and still I am. I was dreaming to travel to Aussie/US for free. And what I got from that dream? I could travel to Singapore for free; maybe the two countries are next ;) imagine if I didn't have dreams? I don’t think I would have any chances. So, no matter people said, even your closest ones, keep in faith and dream. 

In my second company, I have a lot of increment in pay-rate or experience and English. I was given chances to improve myself with less supervising, solving problems, handling customer etc. A high work-load environment with average local standard pay-rate for 5 years. But then changes came. My boss resigned, management transferred to sub-company and my job decrease. I feel that it was about time for them to kick me out, so I did apply any open positions that time. 

I once failed entering Oil & Gas Company head quartered in US, but of course base in Batam. It was a month after give birth my first child when I attend the interview which runs smoothly, but I failed on the medical check. It was detected that I have Anemia and should have therapy for couple weeks. Unfortunately the position is needed urgently. I was upset as I think it was normal for a just-giving-birth woman got Anemia, but at the end I was out from the major candidates. A month after, my that-time current company increase my pay as same as the O&G company offer, but you know, O&G company is always will look good in our CV, no? 

3 months after back for my maternity leave, I got called from my so-current Company to interview. I was just a lucky girl as I did not impressing at all in my first interview; I was saved by ‘period of notice’, mine is shorter. For that I thank to Project Manager D and Capt. C for the chances to be what I am now (am I still human? Yes!). Here I become the highest paid compare to all my friends yeaaayyy... at least monthly as I never had (yet) chance to work whole year haha. 

I once work as office manager in small company while my project-less time in my main job. I manage a purchaser, a time keeper, an admin and hundreds workers’ HR related matters. And I worked as an accounts as well. It was quite good pay for local and growing company but then I released the job as my project started and the company start to collapse. I couldn't let them pay me while I attend my main job. It felt just not fair for them in their finance crisis. Of course everyone needs and wants money, but I will be called greedy if I did not release the role. 

My goal in work is to be... (tik tok tik tok) joining Purchasing Dept in this my current-Company or other O&G Company. Because I love shopping without spending money, I guess. But, the problem is they always look for Degree in Engineering which I am NOT. You know there was no such major in my college, there are only several college in this city that time and only few major which I could choose by taking night class. So, what could I do to be a purchaser? I could think about being a Purchasing coffee-maker or clerk or admin or assistant first before start being an officer. I am so confident with this occupation; all I need is a chance. And I am sure I will have one, this year. Amien. 

I saw today a vacancy in a UAE Marine Company base in Batam looking for Purchasing Officer and Purchasing assistant, for officer, obviously require experience and Engineering degree, for assistant, I could be a candidate, but doesn’t it way too far to go down there? Unless I could get my current salary rate hehe (I wish). I didn't apply that one (yet). 

Leighton (Aussie company) is opening a new branch in Batam and open huge number of vacancies, you could check in my job blog for detail. Apparently there are no Purchasing positions there. But some other positions may suit me. My job blog is WWW.CAREERBATAM.COM. It is a job directory compiled from other job websites or company websites; it may useful for those who stay in Batam area to find a suitable job. And you can as well submit job ads for free by emailing to or fill the form on the left side of the blog. Please do visit ;) 

Back to my part-time job, wish me luck and successful on this and be qualified one and gain more $ ;). Self’s earning money is more satisfying than put your hands open and ask for it. 

I think I need to summarize this exaggerated post ;): 
  • Your parents could be the best persons and lessons, but they are NOT always right. Don’t blame them if you’re not satisfied with what you are right now. It is you the one who choose and decide. 
  • You could get what you want or be what you want even you were not born rich. As long as you don’t forget to always attempt to get/be what you want. 
  • Dream, wish, and pray 
  • My apology if this post is going nowhere, that’s why this blog is so called personal journal ;) 
  • If any employer read this, please give me a chance... hihihi (I wish). 
  • I know that the title is misled. I did it on purpose ;)
Bye now ;)

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