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Without Chili, Life Would Never Be The Same

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My favorite food? Yes, anything with the red/hot/chili/pepper. I like the band though (RHCP), but I do love the real one, Chili. I could eat rice with sambal only. Maybe in English you called it chili sauce, but it doesn’t represent the pungency of the chili itself, so I’d prefer to call it Sambal. If you check in, you’ll find that famous dish. In Indonesia, there are plenty varieties of Sambal, like hundreds? Or more. I eat chili every day. I just can’t eat without the taste of hotness in my tongue.

Couple times I went to Singapore, I brought my own Chili sauce made in Indonesia as in Singapore I think they pretty restrictive with the regulation, not exception regarding food. In the other word, their chili sauce is not a chili sauce at all, it’s like a tomato sauce here in my place. I brought a raw red/green chili so that when I do breakfast in hotel or marketplace, I quietly took them out from my bag and eat. Pretending that no one else will see. It works ;)

Nowadays, the hot-chili-full food is popularly exposed. Many restaurants offer the extra-hot menu with hotness level like just hot, hot, so hot, and extra hot or whatever hot. You could find a hot sushi, hot sukiyaki, hot fried noodle, and hot variety of soups. Last week I saw a small restaurant with a big banner in front of the building says “Bakso Setan”. It means Devilish-Meat Ball as if the taste is hot like hell. And also “Nasi Goreng Setan” : Devilish-fried rice. Quite funny is true but to be honest, it tastes good. But not recommended to those who have a digestion problem, stomach or heart problem. You don’t want to die in heart attack because of these devilish foods.

People hate the smell of the most delicious sambal ever called “sambal belacan”. Belacan is a kind of seasoning flavor made from shrimp, I think they just minced the shrimp and put some spices or else and pack. The smell is awful but the taste is awesome, for some people like me. Don’t judge the thing from it smells, right?

Names of sambals as I eat so far: Sambal belacan/terasi (also called sambal tomat a.k.a tomato), Sambal jelantah (oily), sambal beberuk (made from baby-green-eggplant), Sambal mangga (semi-ripe mango), sambal kelapa (rasped-coconut), sambal santan (coconut-milk), sambal kacang (peanut-chili-sauce), sambal rujak (brown-sugar), another hundreds will follow once I remember…

The health benefits of eating chili, you can check here or just simply google it. Many different arguments about the benefit but the major thing that many woman will like is that chili helps burning fats, but my favorite part is that chili helps lowering blood sugar level.

Chili is truly being a part of my life; it’s like second rice. As if it’s ok just to eat chili and rice only. But keep in healthy people; make it balance between meats, vegetables, fruit and water. The most important thing is be healthy inside your heart. Be happy, and you will healthy. Have good thoughts that you’re healthy and you will be healthy. But not forget to maintain what you eat ;). Be wise for your own body and self.

Chili Monster

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