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Who is your favorite FIFA Ballon D'Or Award's Receiver (Winner)?

Ballon D'Or translated as The Golden Ball is the award for the best player in Europe. Visit complete history on wikipedia. Me, my self was started to love football since World Cup 1998 where French was the winner. Since then, become a fan of Beckham lead me to Manchester United till now. So, my love-period in football started on 1998. And below Ballon D'Or winner are receiver since 1998:
List only the first winner

1998 Zinedine Zidane - Juventus (last club: Real Madrid, now retired)

Obviously, he's my favorite. I'm not a fan of Juventus/Real Madrid or France national club but he's the magnet of the match every time he played, according me. And his calm and dynamic playing style is one other reason people like him, including me. Check the comments from other football people about him:

Quoted from WikiPedia:
Many experts have testified to Zidane's skills and impact as an all-time great, such as Brazil coach 
  • Carlos Alberto Parreira who has labelled Zidane "a monster" for his performance and playing skills. 
  • French footballer Michel Platini states Zidane is one of the most skillful players the game has ever known: "Technically, I think he is the king of what's fundamental in the game – control and passing. I don't think anyone can match him when it comes to controlling or receiving the ball."
  • German coach Franz Beckenbauer stated: "Zidane is one of the greatest players in history, a truly magnificent player." 
  • Pelé, a World Cup winner three times with Brazil, hailed Zidane after seeing Brazil losing to France: "Zidane was the magician in the game." 
  • Italy's manager Marcello Lippi, who has also coached Zidane, opined "I think Zidane is the greatest talent we've known in football these last 20 years, yet he never played the prima donna. I am honoured to have been his manager."[55] 
  • Among his peers, David Beckham has described Zidane as "the greatest of all time",[56][57] 
  • FC Barcelona star Xavi has stated in a 2010 interview that Zidane was "the '90s and early 2000's best player"[58] while 
  • Brazilian defender Roberto Carlos has said of Zidane that, "he is the best player I've seen", in a 2010 interview with French newspaper L'equipe.[59] 
  • At the 1998 World Cup, Cesare Maldini, the manager of the Italian team, said: "I would give up five players to have Zizou in my squad."[10] 

In 2011 asked players, journalist and their users to crown the best player in the UEFA Champions League of the past 20 years, Zidane topped the poll ahead of Lionel Messi.[60]

An artist perpetuating the incident about his headbutting to Materazzi in a carving statue (pic below):

For me Zinedine Zidane, is a phenomenon and a best player in this era. On the next post, I think I will talk about his sons who are also attending the Real Madrid football academy.

1999 Rivaldo - Barcelona

2000 Luis Figo - Real Madrid (Barcelona, last club: Internazionale, retired)

Luis Figo worldstar

Of course the Charming Luis Figo was one of the best player alive. Look at him ;).

2001 Michael Owen - Liverpool (Real Madrid, New Castle, Now: Man Utd)

I'm glad he's now in United, even not play much. But he's good.

2002 Ronaldo - Real Madrid (Bardelona, Intermilan, AC Milan, last club: Corinthians, retired)

He once a legend, and will always be.

2003 Pavel Nedved - Juventus (retired)

Pavel Nedvěd

2004 Andriy "Sheva" Shevchenko - Milan (Chelsea, Now: Dynamo Kyiv)

2005 Ronaldinho - Barcelona (Milan, Now: Flamengo)


2006 Fabio Cannavaro - Real Madrid (Juventus, last club: Al Ahli, retired)

gambar cannavaro saat juara dunia 2006

2007 Kaka - Milan (Sao Paolo, Now: Real Madrid)

Follow him on twitter? sure you are as he has almost 10 Million follower all over the world. I follow him as well ;). @kaka . Spoiler: He tweets in English, Portuguese or Spanish (Correct me if I am wrong) depends on his  mood I guess.

2008 Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid

I admit that I don't really like him, but I do respect him for this:
Quoted from wikipedia :
Television footage of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami showed an eight-year-old boy wearing a No. 7 Portuguese football jersey who was stranded for 19 days after his family was killed. Following this, Ronaldo visited Aceh, Indonesia, to raise funds for rehabilitation and reconstruction.[139][140]

Sorry about the photo, with Rooney, did I mention that I don't like him? no personal reason.

2009 Lionel Messi - Barcelona

The new legend has raised. Everyone would be agree with that. I'm not a fan of Barcelona, but I do little fan of Messi, his life, back ground, his medical history such as a dream, but it truly happens.

Since 2010, Ballon D'Or merged to FIFA Wolrd Best Player become FIFA Ballon D'Or with the first Winner is Lionel Messi (again).

2010 Lionel Messi

2011 Lionel Messi

For 2012, maybe would be Messi again, but I do hope Rooney, Wellbeck or Chicharito or anyone from United would had a chance to be a best player. We'll see.

Credit to: WikiPedia, Google, All sources

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