Monday, April 23, 2012

Retirement Plans (Dream higher)

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What are your plans for retirement? What would you do after retire? What should you have?. These are interesting questions I have been asking for many different people. They have various answers of course, depends on the age, jobs or finance condition but mostly pointing on one thing : TRAVEL.

I have an interesting answer, yet sweet romantic from (I'm not sure about the age but I think he's 50++ years old already), he once a ship's master and now freelance-ing him self as superintendent/surveyor for several famous company. Of course money is not the major problem for him as a seaman. He once mention about boat and stuff which got me asked him about his plan on retirements. And this is his answer : "I want to travel around the world with my wife". Isn't he sweet?. He has 2 boats already and once he sold the old one, he will need to work one more year before it happens. I hope they could make it happens.

One person I asked about the retirement issue, answering this: "I would like to bring my family travels around the worlds, I did see the other places but they didn't, so I want them to see what I see", this is another sweet answer from a man.

One woman answers that she wants to have an investment that far from Riba (religion's related), to live better and traveling of course.

One man, single, answer : "Well, I only have plan for lunch so far" LOL. But at least he has plan.

Other people, their answer mostly having a finance settlement, no finance problem so that they could do traveling to other places, local or abroad.

Me, my self, my dream life after retire is:
I want to go to Mecca (doing Hajji), hopefully Me and Hubby could be registered this year (for next 8 years). Someone said that going to Mecca is just such a wasting, but we all had a different focus and religions and all, so doesn't matter what people said. Keep on your faith.

Having a 5 rooms beach-house, two floors, glass wall (just like the Cullen's family house) with gardens, old pines and coconut tree around the house, a swimming pool, fish pod, and wide space for my grand/great-grand children play ground. Every time I wake up in the morning, I could see sunrise. And when evening comes I could enjoying sunset from my porch and drinking coffee with hubby.

Focusing on religious services. No finance problem, have own business running from home, a Hammer, and successful and prosperous children/grand/great children. Live in peaceful and green life. Frequently our family will go traveling the world with our own yacht starting from the whole part of Indonesia to other part of the world.

Too fancy? and not easy to get, it's difficulty easy (at the end should be easy). I know, I have too details dreams. But whatever my and your plans are, I hope and wish it would be come true soon, and very soon. Remember, what we thoughts will attract to universe and reflect it to be real. So, think wisely.

Of course the finance settlement is the major focus for the retirement. You need to do saving since you can. My opinion, you build your dream first, then do not forget to achieve it. For the first step, put "saving" in your outcome. Do not save when you have balance of your money but put it as a need as if bills.

Traveling is the major thing people dream of after investing, own business and back to rural environment or home town. Some people want to back to their home town and farming so they don't need to work or just plainly gardening and growing pets/animals, some want to do investment then traveling, some want to have their own business and run it from home and traveling. The ending result is traveling, to see the other part of the world would be the nicest thing to do when we grow old and grey.

So, what are your dreams? If you don't have one, start it now! ;)

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