Friday, March 23, 2012

New Me

Blogging. For me were supposed to be my diary, my being-my-self journal my the life journey. But i have realized that ages ago, it become dont-know-what. I did blog-walking and read plenty blogs which they categories themself to be a personal blog, fashion blogger, or whatever else, it seems to be a show-off blog and (maybe just me) be like a high-class style. Unfortunately, i was flowing away and drown with it.

Stop!!! It was not me at all. This is my blog, i suppose to be honest, at least to my self because I am the one who is going to read the posts anyway (maybe my children and my grand children or so). How could I be not being honest to my self? I am not fake.

So I am going to do some revolution (trust me, i don't really know what it means) to my blog. It is going to be about me, my family, my dream, my hope, my words, my world, and sorry if it might be not so useful. It is me being honest to my self. Honestly is sometimes cruel and I am scare. Was. I was scare sometimes.

My new blog is going to be my writing hobby, books review (i must mean novel review), some javanese heritage's recipes, my work, what I dream in life and other things I love and maybe some rubbish. And the major thing is my Honesty. I wont delete any post at all

So blogger world, I am about to come back with the new me.

So new me, me!

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