Thursday, January 19, 2012

I don't give a face to Mat Shalleh

Since my big boss were eventually read my blog (i know, awkward right? but true). So, I got to be careful of what I write otherwise he would complain, haha. I hope he won't mind if I put the above beautiful picture of our project, well actually our company project. What he would say is "yeah, she's not as beautiful as it looks", but it is beautiful right? she (the ship) is dancing in the ocean, what an epic.

I plan to create another new blog, working blog for any activity and happenings that happen in my place (Batam), this blog I dedicate to my big boss so that another 10 years from now he would remember what are the projects being done in Batam, who are the person that he kick their a** for reasons, and what influences he made for other peoples life because of chances that he gave for them. Hmm hmm (shake head), I wouldn't let him know the blog address till next year, so that he could review what are happened in this upcoming years on 2012.

Ok, leave about the plan and it hints. Next, I have some true stories which are (you decide) sad or funny about my workings environment:
1. Couple months ago I was being asked to install (I'd prefer call it submitting form instead of install) a form related with ship in one of our project which most of the crew are Indonesian, that was the first time I do such things because normally captain or other officers did it themselves. In the middle of my effort to find out the wrong things with the form in my confusion, I did not read what is in the form, I just fill in based on the manual, then I make sure by asking one officer around and he answer is:
Him: "Of course this is...bla bla bla, you should know if you work in offshore company, at least you're degree in maritime, what is major study?"
I said: "I didnt read the things, moreover I'm not from maritime graduate"
Him: "Really, this big company should have high standard, but why they hire people which is not graduate from maritime"
I said: "I don't even graduate from junior high school"
He said: "blablabla"
I did not listen him anymore, screw him and he can go to hell (ooppss sorry for the rude language).

Next, I asked one person I know which is Russian by skype and luckily he help me find out what is wrong with the form. Feel the contrary? foreigner even more polite then our local mate fellow.

2. One of crew needs to flight back to his home port, but one flight ticket shortage by crewing dept. In limited time, I tell this guy to be patient, if the e-ticket couldn't sent before his first flight, we surely will send to his email and he can show the ticket number to the airlines, you know what he said?
Him : *raising voice* "What kind of company is this? make things easier in the on-signing flight but make things difficult in off-signing"
Me : I tell him the same things to wait bla bla bla
Him :  *scream* "I know u do this because I'm a local, you will treat nicely to the foreigner"
Me : *scream louder* "What do you actually wants? you want to go now to the airport or never?"
Him: *still scream* "I want to go but how if they never send the ticket? bla bla bla"
Me : *scream louder* "If you want to go now, then go"
Him: *leaving my door but still screaming outside the door* "blablabla"
Me: "Whatever!! whatever whatever!!!"

Doesn't it annoying? people come on, I don't care about where u from, at least foreigner have a little respect more than you mister. But luckily the ticket came just before they leave to the airport. *exhale* *inhale*

My friend told me to tell him "I don't give a face to Mat Shalleh" haha which I think the meaning is "We being nice to people is because they treat us nicely". And Matt Shalleh means... (fill in the blank). haha

3. Someone said about one person that I-can't-respect-to "She just feels nicer than she really is"

Well, too much words today, catch you later ;)

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