Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello There - Random Post

Being so long time not posting. Well, I did busier when I were home. I mean, imagine two kids (3 and 1,5 years old boys) to be care of. Yup, since I finished the last project (about 3 month ago) I did spend most of the time at home to take care of my babies.

Being at home is such a tiring experience. Lol. Well, I have learned many things though. Started woke up in the morning, cooking, cleaning the house and preparing breakfast meals. Once the kids woke up, send them to the bath room (which not that easy), put their cloth on, feeding them. Then play with the kids, feed them their lunches, be with them in their nap (yeah I did napping everyday). Once they woke up send them again to the bath room, preparing the dinner, cleaning the house again. And those activity repeating all those 3 months.

No, I did not get any fatter. I lost weight about 3 Kgs. Even it was fun to be with the kids every time, yes, it was tiring. I almost got not time for my self. I was lazy to eat breakfast because I cooked the food, I mostly send the kids for nap in lunch time, so I only eat twice a day normally, or once sometimes. That was okay because I'm happy with it.

There's one boring thing of course, as my first son always watching babytv everyday. But I have learned the numbers again with the song, yeaaay... animals, fruits, veggies. Lol.

I did gardening too, of course with the kids. We plant some oxygen-producer flowers, an easy-to-grow flowers. The land is not quite good for planting here in my place, so we need some black-fertile soil to grow up the plants. Yes, the kids had learned couple things such as :
1. It was fun playing a dirt
2. Flower can grow up
3. Flower drink water every day
4. Flower growing up

The most favorite activity for the kids is.... playing in fishpond. We have a small fishpond on the back of the house, like an open space, we sometimes spending time looking on the green alga above the water, the fish swimming underneath the pond. But the most fun thing for the kids are feeding the fish, throwing anything-possible to the pond, and shaking the pond's water with their leg as they're not allowed to jump to the pond, cleverly they did it outside the fence by sitting under the wood fences. Kid loves water anyway ;) .

Kids are always adoring creature. Little tiny of our miniature. I was wondering maybe my parents also felt the same way as what I feel for my kids. Adoring me and laughed with every single thing I have done. That's why we need to always Love our parents, right? Be thankful because they rise us up till we can walk ourselves, even when we made mistakes, they will still there for us. But guess what? They loves their grand children more that their children. Yes, my parents loves my kids more than me, my mom claims that she loves my children more than I love them??? a big no no ;) hehe.

I wish to be a good mom always for my children, even I love to work (well, mostly i love the money, who doesn't eh?), I will always spend time for them. I work for them, I live for them and I will survive for them. I'm now back to work, hopefully will be long project this time (well, maybe 5 or 10 years... haha it's ok to expecting more, it calls a dream)

This is so random post, but since this blog is fully my personal notes, so it's ok to do that hehe ;). I wish to have an useful post sometimes, sorry if mostly not, I love being my self too ;) cheers ;).



wow you are super mom! how does it feels to have your own family? :)

iegha said...

it was fun and amazing, u got to try it soon. haha

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