Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Challenge : Stop Lying

Last Saturday, the challenge was STOP gossiping. Well, it was quiet hard to get through it, but I keep trying and will do my best to avoid this. These challenge I do not only for a week but I'm deleting (and will delete) those activity from my life (at all). Yup, I want to be a better person at least for my own self and my family.

This week come to a challenge to STOP Lying. 

Many people think that there's (are) white-lie or lie-for-better. For me, nothing is white or for better. Lie is a lie. But whether in purpose or not, for the small-small thing we did lie, didn't we?. Those small-small thing will be a big thing when we do it regularly. And I hate my self to do that.

Start today, I will try to stop lying. Start from the small thing. Like tell the truth to my boss when he asked me what time I arrive office. Tell the truth where am I when people is waiting for me (not just tell them on my way in fact I'm on my way to bath room). Tell the truth when I don't like the gift from other people (instead of lying for good), or maybe no need to comment at all. Tell the truth when things clearly happen in my fault (instead of protect my self by lied). All kind of lying in me need to be stopped. Right here right now!. Especially in Ramadhan, we are NOT allowed to lie at all.

Well, start from my self, I hope everyone will do so, at least ttrrrrry (try). I believe that avoiding bad attitude will make us 'cleaner' and the clean thoughts/brain will come to a fresh body and face. I want that fresh. I want to be better. So I will try, try and try. Try harder.

Lets try together pal ;)


Pramudita Puspita said...

wow i love the style of your veil :)

laman baca said...

Salam kenal... saya sangat senang dan berharap pemilik blog ini bertukar link dengan blog saya :P

iegha said...


thanks for your comment.

laman baca, silahkan ;)

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