Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Challenge : Stop Kepo-ing (Interloping)

Always LOVE Sunset.

I have started to challenge my self every Saturday. Why Saturday? because that's the only day I could think about this 'heavy' things. Anyway I have started last Saturday. But I have no chance to post it. Actually the main reason why I always post something interest me is because I don't want to forget those happening. "Memories are too important to forget" - Stefan Salvatore (I do, a vampire addict).

The first Saturday Challenge last week is : Stop Kepo-ing
Yes, this is Malay language, not Bahasa Indonesia but totally Malay. Which means (for me) is stop interlope in to other people life/problem/right or whatsoever. Because last time I did that, it got me into trouble as I had over-righted somebody's tendency.

And those are not the first time, one of my reason is I want everything happen in proper line. But, sometimes I am not the one in charge so it might not be my problem. But I still can't help it sometimes. Need to try harder on this.

What I did last week are below:
1. Try to convince myself that I'm not in to it (by still think what I think about some matter is right)
2. Ignore when people start to tell me the 'story'
3. Convince myself that people had different way to think to solve their problem, and whatever it could be are become their responsibility. And none of it is my problem
4. Reading!

The good thing is it feel less stress, kind of relief to stay away from other people's problem. Still remind them sometimes but not getting in to it too far. So I guess this challenge works for me. Just need to do it continually day by day.

So this week, come to another challenge. Will post it separately ;). 

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