Monday, August 1, 2011

No Reason

our best man
When I was teenage, I sometimes asked rude questions to other people. Now when I remember that, it's ridiculously silly. I don't regret it but I think I should have had a better behave.

I asked to a husband, in front of his wife about why he chooses her as a wife. In that time, I was thinking that this good-looking and successful man is way too good for his wife. I know it was rude. But honestly that's what I thought. And he surprisingly answer "because I have no choice". I was thought that It's a rude answer, specially in front of his wife. I could be hurt if my future-hubby say the same thing when anyone asked.

Today, I recall about this question and answer because I'd seen the wife pass me through to go to work. And I realize that the man's answered was just a tease because it's no answer of this kind of question. I was thinking that his wife is so lucky to have him beside her. In fact, they both lucky to have each other. Why?
1. Both of them are a educated persons and had degree graduated but his wife sacrifice her future-career to take care of their children.
2. His wife is always beside him whatever happen even when he was in a bad-finance problem (which some woman gave up on it).
3. When their children grown up and ready, his wife help him to support family finance by working again with still always taking care of the kids.

Really no answer for that stupid question, If someone happen to ask me about the same question, I will also answer the same thing because it was too difficult to explain. I was waiting an age to realize that time will teach me and give me some answer of my questions.

And why I Love my hubby? I think it's useless to explain don't know yet, but time will prove it why. Maybe so many reasons. Maybe no reason. I just Love? we'll see. 


Caroline Robianto said...

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michelle_ said...

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Anonymous said...

Not because so many reason, no reason or "don't know yet". No things is happen without reason. Usually people said "don't know / don't know yet" because they are in complicated situations. They love someone/ family (its truth) but the other side they have intention/sympathy or care from out of other people, that's make they said "Don't Know Yet".

iegha said...

Something happen for a reason is true. But we sometimes don't know what is the reason.

For instance, why sun only rises in a day instead of a night? we know it happens but we don't know why, we just guest why.

I don't know if it happens to you (sympathized or intended by other person) and effected to your love to someone. But for me, personally I just don't know the main reason.

Like I love my hubby when he's doing fine, so nice and care to me and my children. I know I Love him whatever and however he is. But when he got problem like no smile no care or say things that hurts me, I still love him, and that time I also don't know why I Love him coz I just Love him.

People sometimes love their hubby for many reasons they don't want to admit like money,cars,elite house,bright future and things like that. Some man doesn't care about it because of their own reason. Some man choose their wives when they're still so young and (sorry) jobless to find the right wife who's not only love his wealth.

But some man just forgot their true love when they're getting success and rich and easily leave their True Love because find a (sorry) bitch which he thinks is better then his wife who actually love his wealthiness.

sumpit ngakak said...

suka sama yang ini :)
judulnya pas sekaliiiii, keep posting!

anyhoo, ada post buat lu nih :)

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