Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surveyor Souvenir

Ah, reading this post title is soooo working stuff. True as I met different surveyor each time they come. But the good thing is sometimes they gave me something as souvenir from their company. Last time, I got an Amber bracelet from one of my boss (as I always have different bosses in different project) Technically his wife bought it for me.

And after that I have got an Ukrainian mug brought by my friend (of course he's sea man, actually chief's mate). He brought another mug for my boss too with the same pattern, drawings and Russian Alphabet - (Cyrillic Alphabet).

Ukrainian Mug
And another small gift from SingTel gave to me recently which was "gone" before I even had opportunity to taking picture of it. It was nice red-pen and a badge holder set. Why was it "gone"? because my hubby grab it (fast). I got a 15 minutes panic time that day and suspect that someone stole it, well it was stolen. By him. LOL.

And this time (today) I have another gift from Spectec. They are an AMOS company. The company who prepare maintenance installation for ships (I think, well just click here in case you're curious). Yeeaaayyy... I have got a thumb drive. Of course I need more GB or TB to save movies, but for documents of office matter will be pretty enough in this 2GB external storage.
The Tumb drive from SpecTec
Thanks anyway for Mr. (whoever) Fok (yes he's Singaporean Chinese, I have his passport copy anyway-in case anyone curious). And have a safe trip back to SG.

Today's the last day for my ship before her planned official-delivery tomorrow. It was sad enough as I have been here for her for almost a a year. Even i never step my feet in her ;). Anyway I hope there's another ship for me.

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