Monday, July 4, 2011

Hutan Wisata Mata Kucing

Last week we went to local Protected-Forest named Hutan Wisata Mata Kucing. Four of us and my niece (Kiki) had had fun together in this forest. Not much interesting things inside the forest though. There were Mini Zoo, a Cave, Swimming pool and a small artificial lake.

Mini Zoo:
Not much kind of animals in the zoo, that's why they called it mini zoo.  These are my opinion about the Mini Zoo :
  • The cages of each animal is dirty too, sadly there are no special place for the animal's feces in the cages so the feces chaotically spread everywhere on the cages which is pity for the animal. And not comfortable for visitor as the smell were not good around the area. I hope they can improve in that. At least put some clean sands for them to do defecating. 

  • Most of the animal only stand alone. In my point of view, logically we could not live alone and so the animal, it would be good for them (physically and mentally) if we let them to have a companion. At least a couple. Two of male and female sex of each kind.

  • I hope the environmental Management would improve the animal's cage not only the cleanliness but also comfortableness for the animals such as paint it nicely or put some cover to keep the animal warn at night time or rainy season
A Cave:
The cave is just such an old-moldy-chaos building with nothing interesting there. When we peeked inside there were some modern-furniture scattered here and there. But at least we can took a picture from outside. I hope they can improve in that too, put historical stuff or epigraph for instance.

Swimming Pool:
I did not allow my kids to swim that day for I don't know why, maybe because the smell of the animal feces out there or just the dirty water on the pool. Whichever only one thing, please whoever clean them.

The Artificial Lake:
The lake aimed for the huge fish with almost as heavy as me (around 48KG). There are catfish, Arwana fish and other huge fish. They only will show up if you give them food (apparently the food is the small fish-head which specially provided for us to buy). But it quite fun to feed them.

I hope this lake would be improved too. Maybe put the nicer fence instead of the woods.

Mostly there were not-really-interesting. But at least I brought the kids to the green. And kids were excited with the turtle ;)

- Entrance Ticket IDR 20.000 for adult and IDR 5000 for kids, IDR 2000 for car.
- This is only my personal review and opinion, by no means to discredit Hutan Wisata Mata Kucing, but I hope they do improve the beautiful forest.


The Cat Hag said...

I feel so sorry for the animals in the zoo, they look very pitiful. :(

The Cat Hag

Pramudita Puspita said...

wow! really eager to go there!! can you give me the address please :)
btw, yes i change my blog tittle to the more suitable tittle, hope u like it ;)

iegha said...

Hi Addie,,,
me too..
hope they'll improve the comfortableness for the animals.

Hi Ditha...
The address below:
Hutan Wisata Mata Kucing
Jl. Mata Kucing
Sekupang - Batam 29422
Note: You better read first before go there ;) and... i like ur new tittle.. more like u :p (sok taw gw.. hehehe)

michelle_ said...

poor monkeys :( were they really caged up in that small box ? i cant imagine if i had a box just about the size of my body !

www.glisters and

iegha said...

ya.. poor the monkey... :(
thanks anyway for dropping the comments ;)

Pramudita Puspita said...

hello iegha!! I give you AWARD!!!!! please check:

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