Monday, July 18, 2011

First Award Received & Shared

Yeayness today as I've got my 1st Award from Pramuditha Puspita. Well, actually I have no idea the rule or what makes her gave me this award. But bunch of thanks for you dear. But as she mentioned on her blog, I need to follow the rule to share my 7 favorite foods which is very easy. My favorite foods are depends of my mood, so I will just put it in random, anyway let's just get starting:

  1. Fruits (any type but mostly watermelon)
  2. French Fries
  3. Sukiyaki
  4. Bakso (Meat ball soup)
  5. Coffee (ok, this is beverage. can i include it?)
  6. Noodles (either soup or fried)
  7. Steam fish

Then, I need to spread this award to another 7 fellows of mine. Pity me I have only had limited follower, so will be easy for me to share to them. Dear fellows, please grab this award. Don't forget to share your 7 fav Food and Beverage and spread it to your 7-15 friends. Enjoy ;) :

Guys, do share and grab the awards. Many thanks...


Indy Pravita said...

how it works? ga tek :(

iegha said...

just like what i did, share your 7 fav foods/drinks, and give this award to your 7 friends.

And copy this award image, put on your side bar as i did.

Your friend will spread it as what you did. easy ;)

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