Monday, June 13, 2011

Paypal Registration Tutorial

Now days, so many online shop receive payment using credit card through/via Paypal, but still a lot of people don't know what is Paypal.

Short review about Paypal:
Paypal is the safer and easier way to do online transaction, this global leader online payment solution is awarded as a Best Financial Service website. Paypal is as secured as your Banks. Visit here to know more about Paypal.

Why use Paypal?
When you want to shop online using your credit card, they will ask your credit card detail like date of expiry etc. Imagine if you shop to 10 different shop, it would waste your time to entry your credit card detail again and again. Using Paypal, you just need to entry once and you can use only Paypal to pay all your shopping bills. Thousands online shops receive this receive payment using Paypal such as Amazon, Ebay, Topshop etc.

How to register to Paypal:

  • Visit Paypal website here
  • Click "Sign Up"
  • If you use it for personal, click "Personal", you also can use it for commercial and send your invoice through Paypal 
  • Choose your country and "Get Started". Don't worry, it safe. You can check on your "https://" instead of http:// "S" on the bottom means "Secured".
  • Fill up your details, you better put your Visa credit card, no additional fee when you do transaction. You can add another credit card later. And use a special email, not the email you normally use for other purposes.
  • Paypal will bills 10 USD for verify your credit card and will instantly refund the cash once your credit card verified. If you can access your credit card billing online, it would be faster to verify your card.
  • Once your account verified, it's time to shopping online.

Local Online Shop that receive Paypal:
1. Velvet 
5. Ceria Muslim (Hijab ect)

Ready to shop? why use bank transfer if you can pay it with your credit card ;) Register to Paypal now!!!

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teddy bear princess said...

thank you for your tutorial! :)
lumayan nih kalo mau buka toko haha :p

teddy bear princess

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