Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Send HUGE files for FREE!

Hi world!

Couple days not posting.Today finally got something to share. These weeks, I was trying to send some Manuals to my head office in Perth which are about 55 Chapters and some additional files, total almost 3GB. Normally my boss recommended to use free service at sendthisfile.com, but I need to split some files to save time. Why? to avoid some error connection in the middle of uploading time, if it disconnected, it will auto start since beginning. Annoying? yes.

So I was trying below step which are works:
1. I zipped some files max 100MB (most of free services give 100MB for max limit)

2. I signed up to some free services below :
- sendthisfile.com (i have already signed up)
- transferbigfiles.com
- yousendit.com
- myaccount.dropsend.com
all website using "https://", your file needs to be secured, right?

3. I started to upload some zipped files in the same time, but you need to be patience as it takes so long time almost 2 hours per file.

Sadly it was failed on uploading files using myaccount.dropsend.com even it was already 60%. And the fastest website is yousendit.com, highly recommended using this web. But mostly these web are satisfying.


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iegha said...

hmm.. hi, thanks for your comment :p

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teddy bear princess said...

thank you yah info nya ;) kadang aku juga suka kesel kalo tiba-tiba lagi download/upload terus berhenti gitu hehe :p

If you don’t mind please visit and kindly left some sweet comment on my blog
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iegha said...

Thanks dear... will do ;)

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