Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday Vacation - Waterpark

It's kinda weird to go vacation on Monday, but nothing wrong as I love each day. Yesterday my sister in law and my parents planned to bring the kids to water park at Top 100 Batu Aji - Batam. Sure I was working so I have just prepare the kids luggage including swimsuit and diaper (LOL... yes my boys are still using diapers).

But with some reasons my boss decided to leave work earlier, half day on Monday is such a best thing... ;) so I went straight to the Water park right after send my boss to his hotel. So, I was there without any preparation. Still have fun, swimming, wet and went home in wet too.

Entrance Fee:
Weekdays: Rp 20.000
Weekend: Rp 30.000
If your height less than 80cm it's free.

Dept 120cm, you can not bring your swimming buoy here. Adult only ;)

The view from our place. There are 3 types and height of sliding arena, I forgot to check the height but I have tried them all, fun but can't help to scream loud!

My boys

My sister in law, nice Rara and Cousin Adha ;)

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