Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shoes World

I can't hardly wait my new shoes...

Up Shoes Jane Grey

Up shoes Lola Choco

Why I Choose Up Shoes, it's simply because I love the design and... these adorable shoes are made in Indonesia, designed by Indonesian fashion blogger Diana Rikasari which is my daily-reading fav blogger. And one more thing, Rp.5000 of every pair we ordered will be refund for Charity. I guess I'm going to stop to order when I have all 22 design of Up Shoes... ;)

Next to order, Please please... (do not tell my hubby)...

Something more Indonesian with Batik and more UP... (Up Shoes Anjani Beige)

And something colorful. UP Shoes Pandora Sailor . Basically, Red is one of my fav color.

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