Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LOL of the day

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My Boss : "I will give you free day on Easter day"
Me : "When is it?"
My Boss : "How dare you! I know when Ramadhan is, I know when Eid is"
I check on the Calendar on my desk

Me : "April 22nd? ok then. thanks a lot" (it's public holiday though)
My Boss : "With one condition... you have to go to the church"
Me : "I never been in Church" and shake head
Mr.M : "I never been in Church either?"
Me : "You too?? are you sure?"
My Boss : (with a surprise look) "Me too!!!"

Three of us laughs


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Viv said...

hahah!! love it :)


iegha said...

thanks ;) I have followed you.. Foll me back pls ;) hehe

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