Friday, April 29, 2011

It's always been him (David Beckham)

It was on 1998 World Cup in France which was won by France itself with their star Zinedine Zidane, the first time I am interesting with Foot ball, first match I watched was England vs Argentina. And also the first time I saw David Robert Joseph Beckham or famous as David Beckham or Becks born in 2 May 1975 (next week will be his birthday). It was like first love in first sight because he's the reason why I watch the match and since then I started to love football. It was not only about his look, but also about his skills. He was 23 years old that year.

After the Word Cup finished I knew that he played for Manchester United, an England Famous Club - everybody knows and he's the reason why I love this club too. I was upset when he needs to move to Madrid, I mean Man Utd were his life and felt like Sir Fergie took his life from him with his famous to be a reason. But I was sure that it was the best thing for him even Madrid had Raul as a Madrid's Prince there. And I was so happy when he move to America, at least he and his family needs a fresh air and new environment after some scandals rumor spreads on the media. America is the best place for them, it proven now, he can run his career in football and even in Fashion.

It was such a beautiful destiny because finally he married my favorite spice girls personnel (I was young, remember?) posh spice Victoria Adams at 1999. A sexy man even sexier when he become a dad. He has 3 sons named Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and expecting a daughter this year.

Even there was a lot of new football player arise, but Beckham was still the one and always be the one. It's hard for me and call it complicated because I Love Beckham and Manchester United. I never been a die hard fans but I just Love them. It's just like an emotional bonding thing which I will always feel and enjoy.

Tell me yours ;)

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