Monday, April 11, 2011


Eggplant Pizza

Call me the periphery or whatsoever, but this is the first time I find Pizza with eggplant inside. Normally I found it with lettuce, coleslaw, mushroom, leek, cabbage, tomato etc but eggplant. Seriously this is the first time and it makes me LOL. Those are the comment when I posted it on Facebook.

Catch more here!

Humor me if you had the same experience as me (found eggplant on pizza, or Dogfruit maybe?). More about Eggplant: More Than 75 Delicious Recipes


Coffee and Muffins. Perfect combination for the breezy-grey morning like now (in Batam). More about Coffee : I Love Coffee!: Over 100 Easy and Delicious Coffee Drinks and Muffins : The Williams-Sonoma Collection: Muffins

note :
Dogfruit other name is Archidendron pauciflorum or in Indonesian Jengkol. (I'm sure its name represent everything about Jengkol itself ;) even I have no idea what it's taste though) Or if you still curious, you can check or see below pics ;):

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