Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fashion Passionate

I'm not a fashionable person or look. But since I did blog walking to some fashion blogs, I suddenly care about what i wear and what I want to wear. Far from fashionable, I just want to dressed up better but still follow what I called the line. So I started to clicking all the online shop mentioned in some blogs and take a look. I was like "wow", where am I all this time?. I didn't even care if those kind of world existed. But then I start to learn from them.

This is my favorite blog : Hot Mint & Chocolate. This blog inspire me to again bloogging and continue posting everyday. And Starting now I have a new Category called "Fashionate" means Fashion Passionate.

And this is my first wish list, doesn't it cute? at least this is suitable for me I think... I wish I can have it soon! or at least something alike.

TopShop Trouser



love the pants! ;)

Ima said...

I love diana rikasari's blog too. And just like you, I started to give more attention to what I wear because of blog world. I'm still not fashionable and my closet isn't as big as other bloggers, but I think it's improving :)
that is cute. hope you'll have it soon :)

iegha said...

@Mixed minds: Love it too ;)

@Ima : Surely dear... congrats you already have your closet... I wish I'll have it soon... many thanks leave comments... will visit your blog too ;)

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