Friday, April 8, 2011

Earth Hour 26 March 20:30 (60+) 2011

It was earth hour two weeks ago. Some small stories about it in my house that day.
This is my room when my hubby turned off the electricity.
In the first place, my hubby asked me why we should turned off our lights despite of no one care about it around the places I lived. I just say nothing because I don't know how to explain those things. Everybody care about the earth but sometimes doesn't care about to act for earth. It's gross but millions more people care and I just want to be apart of that millions.

With say nothing I just turned off some of our gadgets and so he was. He turned off the main switch of our house's power. And all of us in our room enjoying the quiets, the darkness and the togetherness. It felt good, to do small thing for earth, moreover it help you to save cost ;). And I thought that I will do that every year or at least once a month, or maybe once a week or even everyday.

My first son Bumi, that night also enjoying to have a light off. And he learns one thing about "shadow". Firstly he afraid of it and thought that it was a ghost (even he doesn't know what ghost is). It was quit difficult to explain to him what shadow is. So many question such as what is it? why is it so big? why it moves like what we move? and it was not that easy to explain to the 2 years old baby.

So I tried to told him carefully, with spoken and with act until he looks like he understood. In the next day, he seems remember that and call his shadow as "monkey". LOL. At least he knows what it is ;).

Here the silly thing happened. We use candle to light us that day, I was laying on the floor (it was hot right? with the AirCon off), I tried to moved the candle to the other side and reckless, I dropped the melted liquid to my left hand. Panicked, I run to the bathroom and put the toothpaste to my burned hand (at least that's what I heard to less the pain). My hubby said "Spoiled town girl, Candle's hot liquid won't leave any scar to your hand, unless if it's fire burned". Ok, at least i learned something, anyway the toothpaste works to less the pain the-un-scar-pain. That's why I Love him, he knows most of things I don't ;;)

To learn more about Earth hour, feel free to visit or The 11th Hour

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