Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First American

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I know maybe I am a hick grassroots. I have been meeting some expat because I have worked with and for expat, such as Polish, Ukrainian, British, Russian, Indian, Filipino, Australian and some Norwegian. But I've never met any American at all.

Why I want to meet American?
1. I always watching American movies and TV series so that I really want to have any conversation with American because I think that American English is more catch-able than others.
2. I like to hear their words. Exactly clear and more familiar for me as I hear their conversation everyday on TV
3. Just curious how I can make any small conversation with them without English Subtitle ;)

Then yesterday I met one of American, he's one of surveyor for my project (basically my company project). He came to see a ship and collect as much info as possible so he can prepare some system to be installed on the ship anytime she (the ship) ready to sail.

He's from San Fransisco, Calif, USA. He said that it's been raining there since 46 days ago. We have talked about small-small things, as long as I can make some conversation. Gosh... it's just like on TV. His accent, his words easy to catch, his dialect so like on TV.

So now I'm satisfied, at least I can talk with American.. Yeaaaay... he's the first American I've ever met. And apparently he's a nice-easy going-American person. See you next time Sir. And thanks for reducing my curiosity.

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