Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Music, I love it!

by: http://goblueridgecard.com

Most of people influenced by Music, their life, their Love, mostly need this thing to cheer up their day. Looks like they live their Life with music. And one of them is me. Music inspires me to write sometimes, music calm me down when I was fed up or sad or angry. It's sometimes makes me imagine that I was in somewhere in this world, in different world other than this current world that I live in.

Jazz music, listening the voice of Michael Buble, makes me fly to another kind of life. The old-peaceful life in prairie something like that. Or other jazzy voices, even instrumental smooth jazz, will makes me calm, comfort and feel so protected.

The power of music will surprise you sometimes. Once you've felt it, you will never ever want to remove it from your heart and brain. I love music anyway...

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