Thursday, June 4, 2009

Honest VS Stupid?

Someone told me one day, sometimes honest express your stupid. Is it true? Isn’t the truth is that expensive now? Or just so cheap?. Now I will tell you the whole story. That day, I and my friends have a long chat with no any topics, but suddenly we talk about pay rate in our company, it looks like he wants to share with me about his pay. So when he asks me about how much is my pay rate, then I let him know about the figure. He also did not know whether I have lied to be honest.
Then next conversation I have asked him about his pay. I know that’s very sensitive case but, we were friends, right? Is it really matter? But thought is just a thought and never assume with people’s heart feeling, coz 85% maybe you’re wrong. He did not tell me anything about his salary at all. And he told me that honest sometimes makes us look so stupid. And honest sometimes also means stupid. Still he said, don’t be so honest because people will threat you as stupid when you try to be very honest, so just be careful.

Maybe I am stupid that moment, but, that’s not the of friends’ talk. Then I were realize that it’s a truth that I knew him only view days, and don’t trust anybody once you did not know them so much or they were really are.

But last and not least, always Positive Thinking and don’t be afraid to be Honest! Because one day, only that things will make you achieve something useful. I believe it. Don’t you?



good topik
wuah... ngantuk akh beosk ja comment na. hehehe

iegha said...

dear... you are like... 3 years late... hehehe udah dari jaman 2009 tuh postingan :p

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