Thursday, June 4, 2009

Farewell !

I left this position. It's not so easy for me because I have join the company since 5 years ago, or more!. With the personal reason, it's very make sense reason to leave the job immediately. Maybe It's unfair, but at least, my boss let me go (maybe they want me to go much more before).

That day My GM calls me and say a farewell words which was make me smile, High level words maybe. But I was impressed. In the end I would like to day THANK YOU for all things I have got and learned from the company. So much things I would never forget in my future time. All memories which is sad or cheerful one.

Maybe this is the best decision I have ever made, All of my family support me and they wish the best for me, and so what my colleague said once I send the farewell letter. Thank you all... and good bye!.

Farewell is always sad, am I right? but it will come temporary. Tomorrow you will not remember what you have felt right now. That's what I am. I mad fast but forget fast also. I am thankful for that habit.

So... here I am... :)

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