Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Power of saying "Thank You"


Some of people dismiss of this simple words. Very difficult to give appreciation for other's help or gift. Stupid people even maybe easy to say thank you. So what should I call the people who unable to say this word?

Know what? you wont lost anything with just say Thank you. Because Thank you is the word to express your thankful of the great things given from GOD, via people around us or company etc.

If you say thank you, people will give you more than what they have gave you before. If you say thank you, GOD will not consider anything just to give you more and more precious things for you. If you say thank you, people will respect you for only give them that words. And by say thank you, you even will get something that can freshen up your brain and heart.

So say lot of THANK YOU and your life will be better and blessed.

1 comment:

Yully.Novianty said...

Thank You Iegha...U r My Best Friend....Before, Now & 4ever....

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