Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Freak Attitude

In the working attitude, one of not interesting attitude ever is "blame each other". It does not make sense at all. When you do wrong, that is good and professional if you just admit it and say "sorry". For some people who realize it, it's easy to apology, but for certain kind of people, say "Sorry" is a curse.

I have face the second kind of this people everyday, when you do good they never say good either not give any appreciation. But when you do wrong, they're the first one who will scold you, say this say that... Very messy and sometimes will make your tears even drops.

How to banish this people out from your round? just IGNORE them. Just let them say whatever they want to say, do whatever they want to do. Because this kind of one is as a small boy talking that describe small things to a very big things.

Sometimes the problem is very little but this people with let everyone, specially the boss that this is the biggest fault of you. And the best punishment for you is being fired.

Fed up? of course, but just ignore it. When they knew the exact fact? they will tell anyone that you never let them know about the real things. So that nothing any reason to let this kinda people disturbing our work. They just deserved to be ignored.

At least that what I have done. I ignore them and pretending that everything never happen. And it works... I;m still here right? for recently 5 years.


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