Thursday, April 11, 2013

Healthy. Happy. Faithful

Sunset in the place I work 

It's been age since my last post. Guess my life is too busy to write a post? nope!. Just couldn't find a mood to do that. I think I need to meet a mood-therapist and discuss my qualification further. lol. Life's good, most of things runs as expected, sometimes more than I expected. Feels excitement in the work-zone, there are new people, new friends, new challenge, and new opportunity (I wish!). My company seems to open so many vacancies nowadays, guess not too much if I wish to be a part of it in near-future.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Good Things are Happening Today!

When I searched 'happy' on Google, the result is all about :) icon, this is my favorite from here 

Today is a normal typical Friday: warm morning, hot day and surprisingly mist afternoon. Yes, after a hot sunny day, it's now clement as rains drop to this earth. 

I still love listening to Taylor Swift's "Enchanted" while my first son start singing "we are young" from Fun. And well, my second sun which is 2 years young is now starting to sing "Eaaa" by local boy band Cowboy Junior. They're literally boys, little boys. He sang it with her learn-to-talk style. Cute thing.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Romance Coloring Your Days

Have you watch the Breaking Dawn Part 2? It was rumored that the endings on the film would be different from the novel but yeah, in fact the ending is so so so similar with the book.
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